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Maintain Peace in Your Home With Hygge

Hygge is a wonderful practice that can be done any time of the year, though people often focus on it in the fall and winter months when the weather is cooler, it is darker outside, and the need for comfort and coziness becomes a priority.
Hygge is a Danish practice of winding down, getting cozy and comfortable, and indulging in relaxation. There are many ways to practice Hygge, and all of them can bring you peace during your time of reset.

Bring Nature in Your Home

An easy way to start practicing Hygge is to bring nature back into your home. Instead of using fake plastic plants, consider getting some live plants. It does take more time and attention to care for them, but it can really help you to connect with nature and even improve the oxygen in your home.

Another option is to start getting fresh flowers every weekend when you go to the supermarket or farmer’s market. It allows you to create a more homey environment, which is wonderful for Hygge.

Think Soft, Cozy Materials

Hygge is all about comfort and relaxation, so try to use more soft and cozy materials. This is both on your person and in your home.

Get some soft blankets to put on your bed and sofa, have plush carpets in areas of your home where you have cold tile or hardwood flooring, and put lots of pillows on your bed. Get thick, warm sweaters to wear indoors and fuzzy socks or slippers.

Set the Ambiance

Ambiance is also a big part of Hygge, including using candles, dimming the lighting in your home, and using your fireplace on cold evenings. This is one of the reasons why people practice Hygge more in the fall or winter months, as opposed to the summer. A big part of the ambiance is not only controlling the lighting in your home but making it warmer as well.

Indulge in Relaxing Activities

Think of some activities that are soothing and relaxing. What do you typically do when you want to unwind? This is going to be completely unique to you. This might be curling up with a good book and cup of tea in the evenings or working on an art project during the weekend. The activities should be soothing and calm your mind as you do them.

Unplug as Often as You Can

With Hygge, you want to unplug when you can. This is the time to give your mind a break, stop taking in so much news and information, and just relax.

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