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5 Signs You’re in Need of a Total Life Reset

Maybe you have been reading about resetting your life and making healthy changes, but you still aren’t sure if YOU need to do it. Here are some common signs of needing to take a closer look at your life and make changes that will benefit you in the long run.

1. You’re Experiencing Burnout

The first sign that you are in need of a reset in your life is when you are experiencing burnout. This often happens when you are either working too much or focusing so much on one thing that the rest of your life is being neglected.

It is possible to have burnout even when you don’t feel “busy” constantly. Burnout can happen from focusing too much on one area of your life, which makes it so that you are so exhausted with that certain activity or aspect of your life the rest of your life is kind of falling behind.

2. You Keep Trying (and Failing) New Things

Have you noticed that you keep trying new things toward a specific goal, but then you quit pretty soon afterward or lose your steam? This is a really good time to do a reset and try to find where your priorities are.

This isn’t always just a case of having no follow-through. Sometimes, it is because you need to reevaluate things, remind yourself why you set these goals, and figure out what tasks would be better suited for you to complete those goals.

3. You Haven’t Worked on Your Goals in a While

Maybe you have goals that you thought you really wanted, but you never seem to work on them much. Things happen, and lives get busy, but if it has been months or even years, then now is the time to either decide how to reach those goals or replace them with something else you are more passionate about.

4. You Feel Stuck

And lastly, if you have been feeling a little stuck, lost, or just unmotivated, it is time to look at your life and figure out what isn’t quite working for you. These feelings can come from many things, from your mental health to just being overworked.

Start writing in a journal to figure out why you are experiencing these emotions, and work on a life reset so you can get down to what is happening and why you feel this way.

5. You Feel Unmotivated

When was the last time that you felt truly inspired by something? Do you often find yourself uninterested or unmotivated by the tasks at hand? Low motivation is often an indication that there is something missing or that something needs to change in order for one to feel fulfilled again. Take some time off from work, explore new interests, or just allow yourself some “me” time in order to gain clarity on what needs to change.

Moving Forward

If any of these signs sound familiar, then perhaps it’s time for a life reset. Acknowledge how far along your journey has come while allowing room for growth and exploration.

Allow yourself the space needed to evaluate all aspects of your life – career, hobbies, relationships – and make changes as needed so that they align with who you are now and want to become tomorrow.

Remember, sometimes we need resets in order to continue moving forward!

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